The establishment of School of Health Information Management was in 2017 aimed at providing professional health information management training to a wider population due to the fact that it is the first Health Information Management, Federal Institution in the state.


To provide the graduate with the knowledge and skill to assist in Planning, Collating, Organizing, Disseminating, Monitoring and Managing Vital Information required at the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Healthcare level in order to ensure effective and comprehensive Healthcare to the populous.

A Centre of Excellence in Health Information Management Education that produces competent Health Information Professionals.


1. Assist in Planning and Organizing Health Information Services in Health Care Delivery System
2. Organize and control Health Records under supervision in health and medical establishment.
3. Collect Store, Retrieve and Preserve Health Information.
4. Collate, Analyze and Present Health Statistical Data under Supervision.
5. Participate In Planning, Quality Control, Evaluation, Researches in Health Care Delivery System and Serve in other Relevant Committee for Defining Standards for Health Care Delivery.
6. Assist in Designing, Standardizing and Controlling Health Records Forms etc.
7. To increase the students capacity to be creative and to communicate effectively with others.
8. To establish and maintain professional standards and ethics in the Practice of Health Information Management in the community.

Muhammad B. Muhammad
School Coordinator
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