Surgeons in Action to seperate conjoin-babies

Thursday the 21st of February 2019 was the day a team of specialist surgeons performed yet another successful operation to separate conjoined babies at the ATBU Teaching Hospital Bauchi.
The team led by our foremost Consultant Pediatric surgeon Dr. KefasBwala, comprised of other surgeons from Specialist Hospital Bauchi and Federal Teaching Hospital Gombe. They successfully operated on Master Sani Abubakar, a two month old baby with condition known as parasitic twins who are conjoined at lumber sacral area that’s around buttocks area. The babies hailed from Azare, headquarters of Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi, Northeast Nigeria.
The operation was carried out at the main operating theater of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital Bauchi.
Other members of the team include pediatricians, radiologist, anastheologists, pre-operative and ward nurses and social welfare workers of the Hospital. The baby is responding positively to treatment after the operation which took about three hours to conduct.
According to Dr. KefasBwala who is also the Deputy Chairman Medical Advisory committee (D-CMAC) on training and research of ATBUTH the baby is being prepared for discharge from the Hospital.
“We are now watching to see that the wounds area has sufficiently healed before we discharge the patient to get back home” said the team leader of the operation, Dr. Kefas Bwala.
This is the second of such operations carried out in the Hospital.
The first operation was on a twin female baby Ikilima which was carried out in January 2018. Other similar but more complex, cases of conjoined babies, some of them joined at abdominal and chest area, are awaiting attention of these experts at the Hospital.
The major constraints faced at carrying out these operations are finance or funding for the operations. Luckily the ATBU Teaching Hospital Management sponsored the first and the second operations by making funds available for the operations. A Paupers Funds Account has been in existence, purposely created by the Hospital Management to enable philanthropists who want to give a helping hand for indigent patients that require special operations such as this conjoined twins operations, to input their widow’s mite.