Finance department is one of the important department in the Hospital where funds are received and disbursed in line with Provisions of Financial Regulations (FR) for the day to day operations of the hospital. It comprises of five (5) units. The entire units are under Head of Finance who control unit heads and other staff.


* It is the responsibility of the finance department in providing adequate accounting system and control in the Hospital.
* Collate and prepare statutory financial statement of the Hospital.
* Among the function of the department is to approve and ensure compliance with accounting codes, internal audit guides and stock verification manuals.
* Supervise and control the computerization of accounting system
* supervise the accounts of the Hospital
* Carry out revenue monitoring and accounting services
* Other functions of finance department include ensuring that proper budgetary and accounting system are established and maintained to enhance internal control, accountability and transparency.
* Essential records are maintained and the rules and procedures applied are sufficient to safeguard and control public property and funds.
* Compiling and depending of the budget proposal and ensuring effective budgeting control by matching / comparing budget figures with actual expenditure or revenue as the case maybe and advise the accounting officer appropriately.

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